3C-LINK's technological support makes the Hangzhou Asian Games

2023-09-27 14:16:57
The curtain of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games will begin. In order to welcome their own "shining moment", the athletes are preparing with great intensity. Behind them, there is a group of people busy at competition venues, in the Asian Games Village, and by the computer, striving to use "black technology" to assist in the construction of the smart Asian Games.

The Hangzhou Asian Games has the largest number of venues and area, with only one venue, the "Big Lotus" (also known as the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium), capable of accommodating 80000 spectators and 20000 performers at the same time. How to meet the communication guarantee of high traffic and high concurrency during the game is particularly crucial.
China Telecom Zhejiang Company  has pioneered the launch of three carrier aggregation and spatiotemporal cognition technology, which efficiently allocates limited network resources and transforms the universal standard 5G network into a flexible, adaptable, and precision guaranteed service-oriented network. Since June 2021, Zhejiang Telecom has deployed 300 MHz 5G PRRU network equipment at the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, with a measured user rate of up to 4.34G, approaching the theoretical peak rate of 4.5G. On the premise of ensuring the perception of end users, in order to respond to the tidal distribution characteristics of users, the industry has pioneered an intelligent 5G spatiotemporal perception solution that integrates AI and big data analysis. At the same time, the 5G network takes into account both resilience and flexibility, automatically adapting to the spatial position and direction of user groups at different time periods.

As an inevitable stage from 5G to 6G, the 5G-A network has a 10 times improvement in speed, latency, and connection scale compared to 5G, and can achieve peak rates and millisecond level delays of both downlink and uplink gigabytes. The Asian Games venues are undoubtedly the best application scenario for 5G-A.
It is reported that as the official communication service partner of this Asian Games, China Telecom has launched a pilot deployment of 5G-A network in the competition venues, and collaborated with 3C-LINK  to complete the application verification of 5G-A intelligent metasurface technology in the badminton hall, providing more robust communication protection for the Asian Games, which can fully meet the ultra-high demand for network capacity and speed on site.

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