1.25GTx/2.5GRx GPON Stick with MAC (SMF, 1310nmTx/1490nmRx, 20km, SC/APC, Industrial, DDM) The GPON Stick in SFP form factor provide an asymmetric 1.244Gbps upstream /2.488 Gbps downstream GPON uplink to the CPE without requiring separate power supply, reaching a link up to 20km over SMF via SC APC connector, is fully compliant with SFP MSA, SFF-8472, RoHS standards and ideal for GPON, FTTx, business service and wireless backhaul applications.


Small SFP ONU for Fast Deployment < 2W Low Power Consumption Industrial-temp for Harsh Environment Widely applied to GPON, FTTx and Wireless Backhaul No Separate Power Requirement Support Centralized Management and Remote Software Upgrade

XPON STICK is an SFP interface type ONU, small and delicate, plug and play, with good heat dissipation and shielding effects. It can be hot swapped into the SFP slots of switches, transceivers, network cards, cameras, and other devices to work. The entire machine can be used as an ONU or even MDU, allowing the entire device to be directly connected to GPON or EPON optical networks, replacing external ONUs, and improving system integration; XPON STICK adaptively supports GPON mode with asymmetric uplink and downlink rates and EPON mode with symmetric uplink and downlink rates. It is used in conjunction with OLT office equipment to provide users with good QOS assurance, flexible bandwidth allocation, Ethernet services, and IP integrated services.
3C-LINK GPON STICK ONU is fully compatible with SFP's multi source protocol MSA and SFF 8472 standards (for more information, refer to SFP MSA). Fully meet the G.984 standard defined by ITU-T,and meet the technical requirements of operators for GPON and EPON device.

GPON Stick ONU  3CPG-434S1OM-LX  is one of the mini-PON products that’s designed for maximum flexibility and delivers quickest time to market for applications that require cost effective fiber access without the need for a purpose built terminal. It can be inserted directly into the SFP slot of an uplink port in any terminal to deliver bandwidth and transport services over a standard compliant GPON network. The MA5671A plugs into SFP slot of the BTS or other baseband units for backhaul  of cellular or microwave sites. It is connected to the GPON Optical Line Terminal (OLT) through its PON interface. The downlink interface supports Gigabit Ethernet (GE) to the “host” terminal providing high bandwidth with integrated management and QoS for access services with SLAs. The MA5671A can also be used in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Point (AP) devices as well as with any Ethernet switches, routers, or IPDSLAMs. It features a compact size, easy installation, integrated power, low maintenance, high reliability, and low power requirements.
It supports 1588 ACR transparent mode for frequency synchronization in compliance with ITU-T G.8262. It supports GPON Type B protection mode with a switchover time of <50ms. It has an optical reach of up to 25Km. 

Form Factor XPON SFP Data Rate 1.25gG Uplink/ 2.5G Downlink
Wavelength 1310nmTX/1490nmRX Max Cable Distance 25Km
Connector SC/UPC SX Cable Type SM
Transmitter Type 1310nm DFB Receiver Type 1100-1610nm APD
TX Power 1 to 5.5dBm Receiver Sensitivity -26dBm
Link Budget 27dB Receiver Overload -9dBm
Power Consumption < 2W Class B+ or C+
Industrial Temperature Range I-Type Application GPON/EPON
Brandname 3C-LINK Model 3CPG-434S1OM-LX
Extinction Ratio >10dB DDM Yes



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