5G Fronthaul Semi-active Card

The 5G fronthaul semi-active WDM system launched by 3C-LINK OPTO is mainly used to solve the problem of the lack of fiber optic cable resources between DU-AAU in the C-RAN architecture and realize the management and protection of the fronthaul bearer network.

5G Semi-Active WDM Fronthaul System

Semi-active WDM: Passive colored optical modules and multiplexer/demultiplexer units are deployed on the AAU side, and active WDM devices are deployed on the BBU side.

Product Feature

  • Support CPRI 1~10 and eCPRI (10G/25G), compatible with STM-1/4/16/64, GE/10GE/25GE and other multi-service unified bearer, transparent transmission, maximize the value of the fronthaul network
  • Modular configuration, 1:6/12/18 optional, can achieve multi-directional multi-level convergence, large-scale fiber saving
  • A variety of color light modules can be provided, supporting CWDM 18 waves, MWDM 12 waves, and meeting various line power budget index requirements
  • Support optical layer 1:1 protection, protection switching time is less than 50ms, improving network reliability
  • Supports graphical interface network management, reconstructs wireless and transmission management domains, and realizes full monitoring of optical module and line status
  • The active WDM equipment at the central office supports AC 220V and DC -48V power supply options, 1+1 power input protection, and the equipment power failure does not affect business transmission
  • Remote passive WDM has outdoor deployment capabilities and flexible deployment locations

Product specification

C/M MUX  parameter CWDM MWDM
channel number 6 12 18 6 12
central wavelength(nm) 1271~1371 1271~1491、
1271~1611 1267.5~1314.5 1267.5~1374.5
Paired channel insertion loss (dB)
(not including protection)A
≤3.0 ≤4.0 ≤4.4 ≤3.0 ≤4.0
Central wavelength deviation(nm) ±1.5 ±1.0
1dB channel bandwith(nm) ≥13 ≥5
Banding flatness(dB) ≤0.5
Adjacent channel isolation(dB) ≥30
Non-adjacent channel isolation(dB) ≥40
Wavelength Heat stability(nm) ≤0.005
Insertion loss heat stability(dB) ≤0.007
Polarization-related losses(dB) ≤0.15
return loss(dB) ≥40
protection switch time <50ms
working temperature(°C) 0~+70
storage temperature(°C) -40 ~+85
A:Additional insertion loss will be introduced with the addition of the protection function 4.5dB。
WDM module parameter CWDM MWDM
transmission rate 10G 25G 25G
working wavelength(nm) 1271 ~ 1611 1271 ~ 1371&1471 ~ 1571 1267.5 ~ 1374.5
distance(km) 10 10 10
Tx optical power range (dBm) 1 ~ 7 1.5 ~ 7 2 ~ 7
Rx optical power range (dBm) -13.5 ~ 2(PIN)
-18.5 ~ -4(APD)
-13 ~ 2(PIN)
-18 ~ -4(APD)
-13 ~ 2(PIN)
-18 ~ -4(APD)


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