3C-LINK Launches QSFP-DD 400G ZR and ZR+ Coherent Transceivers

2022-08-16 14:48:38
In recently , 3C-LINK announces the launch of its QSFP-DD 400G ZR and ZR+ transceivers, using the Marvell® Deneb™ Coherent DSP (CDSP), addressing Data Center Interconnect(DCI) and Metro networks.

Driven by surging cloud applications such as Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), data center traffic is growing fast, the Ethernet is forwarding to the 400GE/800GE era. The cloud data centers are busy working for higher bandwidth inter-connect(DCI). Compared with traditional sled-based optics, the coherent pluggable 400G ZR/ZR+ transceivers can increase density, lower cost per bit and power consumption for the DCI and Metro applications.

3C-LINK 400G QSFP56-DD ZR transceiver module is capable of transmission distances up to 120km and compliant to the OIF 400G ZR standard, while 400G QSFP56-DD ZR+ transceiver module is capable of transmission distances up to 480km and compliant to the Open ZR+ standard. Both modules are using the Silicon Photonics (SiPho) based optical engine and the latest DSP generation that enables 400G coherent transmission. The QSFP-DD form factor and CMIS5.1 support makes them suitable for transmission applications using Ethernet switch equipment.

  • ZR: 3C-Q56DD-CZR     400G QSFP56-DD, 120km
  • ZR+: 3C-Q56DD-CUR  400G QSFP56-DD, 480km

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