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Fiber Optical Mechanical Splicer 3C-H925P

A mechanical splice is a junction of two or more optical fibers that are aligned and held in place by a self-contained assembly (usually the size of a large carpenter's nail). The fibers aren't permanently joined, just precisely held together so that light can pass from one to another. The mechanical splicer uses patented omniseal fastening components, adopts fully sealed tympan, sandwich-type folder lining, spring clip-type drive, combined guide block and progressive locking technology; splice V-block adopts special aviation material with high rigidity and high fiber positioning accuracy. Its adopts second-generation imported matching ointment with high return loss to ensure long service life. Optical and mechanical indicators after the assembly have reached or even exceeded the standards of telecommunications.

Field Installable Fiber Optical Mechanical Splicer for FTTH

Excellent connection performance Easy operation ( 30 seconds for a connection) Barrier-free fiber penetration.

Field Installable Fiber Optical Mechanical Splicer  for FTTH
  • Excellent connection performance 
  • Easy operation ( 30 seconds for a connection)
  • Barrier-free fiber penetration.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life span

Model 3C-H925P
Cable Scope 3.0*2.0 flat drop cable 
Size 76*6.5mm
Fiber Diameter  125um (652&657)
Mode  SM
Operation Time  about 30s (exclude fiber presetting)
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB (AVG) ≤ 0.5dB(MAX)
Return Loss ≥55dB (AVG)  ≥50dB(MAX)
Success Rate  >98%
Reusable Times >5 times 
Tensile Strength  >30 N
Temperature  -40~+85℃
On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N) △ IL ≤ 0.3dB
Mechanical Durability(500 times) △ IL ≤ 0.3dB
Drop Test(4m concrete floor, once each direction, three times total)

△ IL ≤ 0.3dB



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