Chaka Salt Lake tourism

2021-06-30 19:31:17
3C-LINK team  visit the Chaka Salt Lake is on early September, because the surrounding scenery is particularly beautiful, but also the most beautiful time of the year in Qinghai! Salt Lake scenery in summer and autumn, industrial salt mining in spring, snow appreciation in winter.

Teaka Salt Lake created a spectacle: floating on the water. Because a large number of lake salt deposit minerals in Chaka Salt Lake crystallized and formed a "salt plate" several meters thick, and a layer of water several millimeters thick was laid on it, so from a distance, people standing on the salt plate seemed to float on the surface of the water in general, and the reflection was clearly visible.

If you want to take good pictures in the Salt Lake, It is most suitable for visiting on sunny days, and it is after sunny days for several consecutive days. At this time, the crystallinity of the lake is very high. You will see a thin layer of brine covering the white salt lake. The scenery and reflection are the clearest and purest.

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