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2021-06-30 19:22:40
From Xining to Rixian, more than 600 kilometers of journey, 16 hours of driving, elevation from 2261 meters to 4700 meters, through numerous mountains, ninety-eight curves, people will curl up, uncomfortable words do not want to say. This is a microcosm of the team's trip to Hongling

In Qinghai Province, the northeastern part of the world's roof, besides the vast Qaidam Basin, the vast grassland and the beautiful Qinghai Lake, there are also snowy mountains and rugged mountain roads stretching for thousands of miles. There is no imaginary excitement. More is the sense of drowsiness brought about by long-distance bumps and high cold and oxygen deficiency. Perhaps it is precisely because of these difficult objective conditions, many excellent teachers have no choice but to stop.

I lost my deep-rooted thoughts. According to the education data report of the Ministry of Education of China, the primary school full-time teacher resources in Qinghai Province only account for 0.41% of the national primary school full-time teacher resources, and the teacher resources allocated to remote areas are even more scarce. In recent years, although the local educational hardware facilities have been greatly improved, but teachers are scarce, teachers'cultural and educational level is still not high. Qinghai Basic Education Development Research, published in the sixth periodical of Journal of Qinghai University, investigated the educational background of a junior middle school teacher in Qinghai Province, and the survey shows that 62.2% of the teachers have undergraduate degrees, which is different from any other province in the east. Huge.

If teachers fail to keep up, education will be unsustainable. According to the data of the Sixth Population Census of China, the illiteracy rate in Qinghai Province is 12.94%, ranking first in the country. In today's high-speed development of China, nine-year compulsory education is generally covered, but there are still some places where children, not without school, but without good teachers to teach.

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