Fiber Optic Socket Wall Outlet Faceplate 3C-FTB-M01S/M01D

3C-FTB-M01S/M01D Fiber Optic Socket (Wall Outlet Faceplate) is used for splicing and termination between indoor fiber optic cable and pigtails with SC or LC duplex type. The fiber optic socket is used for wall mounted or desktop applications. It is designed specially for FTTx application,it is easy to install in home or office.

Fiber Optic Socket Wall Outlet Faceplate Fiber Access Termination Box

Material: Engineering plastic ABS Mount on the wall or put on the desktop. Splice try can be removed when needed or during for the convenient operation and installation Adapter slots adopted no screw needed for installing adapters

Fiber Optic Socket Wall Outlet Faceplate Fiber Access Termination Box 

3C-FTB-M01S/M01D fiber termination box provides a mini density wall-mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage minimum numbers of fibers in a limited space.
It is normally installed in the way of wall-mounted.
Widely used in FTTH access network, telecommunication networks, CATV networks, data communications network,local area networks, indoor and outdoor application.

3C-FTB-M Type Optical Termination Box is designed to connect raiser/distribution cables to subscriber’s drop cable in FTTx networks. It has 1 input port and 2 output ports on the bottom and it is easy to install on the wall.
The splice tray is for splicing a fiber of raiser cable and the subscriber’s drop cable through adaptor plate acting as interface.

Suitable Adapters  SC SX, SC DX, LC DX
Material  ABS plastic 
Weight 40g
Available Cable Indoor Drop Cable
Dimensions 116mmx86mmx22mm
Connector Capacity  1PC SC simplex/LC duplex (3C-FTB-M01S)
1PC SC duplex  (3C-FTB-M01D)
Number of Terminal Drops 1 or 2 Cables
Number of Trays 1
Splice Capacity  1-2 fibers
Applications Wall Mount Distribtuion Use
Location of Use 


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